AMD at last confirmed that next month – October, 28th, to be more specific – is when the Radeon RX 6000 series of graphics cards is being officially revealed. With the main implication being that the so-called Team Red is offering more than the one next-generation GPU.

The listing of graphics cards is not very surprising. Perhaps the most interesting bit of information to get from this announcement is that Big Navi is going to have 80 compute units and will use a bus with 256 bit memory. After some wrangling of hardware, the math works out that each of the CUs will have around 64 steam processors.

This means that with 80 Cus it will offer 5120 steam processors. This is a lot of stream processors, which means that this should be as powerful as the RTX 3080 and be a bit more efficient as well. With it being more than a month away, AMD has the ability to fine tune the graphics card as well as the performance, so do not take these numbers as exact.

No matter what, this is something to be excited about and it will be fun to see the final product next month.

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