If you own an Android device, you might want to double-check whether you’ve installed any iffy apps in recent weeks. A group of security researchers has found that there is a new strain of malware that comes with several features that allow it to steal passwords from at least 226 applications.

The malware is named Alien and it has been active since the beginning of the year. According to security researchers, Alien is not necessarily a new code, but is based on source code from Cerberus, a rival malware gang. Cerberus was active last year, but has fizzled recently.

The reason that it died out is because the security team from Google was able to detect and then clean any devices that were infected. Alien is way more advanced than Cerberus and is a dangerous trojan that Android users need to be aware of. Alien can create fake login screens, which allow it to collect passwords for different services and applications.

Additionally, it can grant access to hackers who will use the credentials or perform other actions. From stealing passwords to providing remote access to your device, this is a dangerous form of malware and you need to be aware.

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