Chances are that you have been on your phone trying to find some information that you need and then when you finally find what you are looking for, you open up the document and it is a PDF that is 50 pages long.

Now, you have to zoom and pinch your way through the document that was not meant to be read on a screen that will fit in your palm. Since PDF format has been around for more than 30 years, it is not surprising that these documents were not built for mobile devices. However, that is going to change very soon. The company recently announced that it is going to offer “liquid mode.”

This operating mode will essentially read through the PDF and then rebuild any given document from the ground up, all so as to allow for a native mobile reading experience. The technology uses machine learning to get through the file and work out font changes and when new sections begin in order to recreate it to be read on a smaller screen. This new technology is now being rolled out for both android and iOS. There are plans to bring liquid mode to desktops in the future.

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