The Alienware 55 was the first large gaming display offered by Dell. This display was based on OLED panels in the back at CES 2019. Dell is now going to be the first company to slash the pricing of this product as well.

The Alienware 55 boasts a 55 inch OLED panel that features 4K resolution. The peak brightness is 400 nits and the contrast ratio is 130,000:1. The refresh rate is 120 Hz and is supported with VESA’s sync technology. With all this tech it is easy to see why this monitor makes the top 4K gaming monitors list.

When the monitor was launched late last year, it debuted with a rather steep price tag of $3999. However, Dell has recently slashed the price of the monitor down to $3039. Which still isn’t negligible for the average consumer, but the average consumer is hardly the one being targeted here.

With that said, the company has not made any sort of big announcement about this price cut, but when you start looking for an ultra-premium solution in this price segment, the Alienware 55 is pretty much your top choice on at least two continents as of today, solely due this newly introduced price cut which appears to be permanent, at that.

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