Tesla is bullish on batteries, to say the least, but that doesn’t mean it’s on the verge of mass-producing its innovations, according to its founder and CEO. Namely, Elon Musk recently came out stating that the company is at least two years away from reaching high volume production of the batteries.

Musk also stated that Tesla will increase battery cell purchases from several partners such as LG and Panasonic, but also take more action to avoid having battery shortages come up in the future. This is a hint that the company will likely start cell manufacturing in the future. We will not know exactly what Musk means until the presentation occurs.

With the current climate of more people wanting and needing electric cars on top of new legislation out of California stating that new gas cars will not be sold in the state in just a few years from now, the need for batteries and electric cars is going to keep increasing, which means that Tesla getting into the manufacturing game is highly likely and necessary, but only time will really tell what is in store for Tesla and Musk’s other futuristic efforts.

It’s quite possible Tesla fails at being a large-scale battery manufacturer but ends up being a successful automaker in the long term.

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